About Me

Firstly, Hello and thanks for checking out my blog. My name is Perrin and I’m a computer networking enthusiast with a passion for technology and learning new things. I have worked professionally in the network engineering space for almost 4 years and this page I have created is all about sharing a little bit of that knowledge with others and helping myself retain those important key concepts. I enjoy working with many different vendors but specialise in Juniper Networks products. I currently hold my Juniper JNCIS-SP|SEC|ENT, my Cisco CCNP and a Diploma of Computer Networking Engineering from the CPIT (New Zealand). I am currently working towards my JNCIP-SP and ENT level curriculum’s. Feel free to visit my linkedIn page to connect or for more information. There is a link on my main blog feed.

Here is a small summary of my networking background:

Network Engineer
Vocus Communications (AS4826)

Network Engineer
Snap Internet (AS23655)

Provisioning Specialist
Snap Internet




You can contact me via LinkedIn or feel free to email me, mail@perrin.net.nz

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