Presenting VPLS to a SRX cluster

Hi there, this is more of an open question on a scenario I’m working through at the moment on a Juniper SRX 650 cluster. One particular service that is being presented to this cluster is a VPLS service which interconnects all other offices on this particular network via smaller single chassis SRXs. I am going to be plugging in 2 x 10GB interfaces to the chassis into the VPLS environment. For redundancy, one link is going off to another POP and other to a local switch. As far as the SRX is concerned this is just a reth interface with an IP address. What I want to 100% be sure that there would be any weirdities with the operation of the VPLS as far as the PE routers are concerned dealing with a clustered SRX. I want the right MAC to show up on the right port and the traffic to flow to the chassis listed as primary for that particular reth. I’ll edit this with a diagram real soon.




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